How to germinate seeds…

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  1. Float in cup of water for 24 to 36 hours in the dark on a heating mat. Sealed Tupperware wrapped in a black shirt on a heating mat works well. If wrapped in a sheet no thermostat is really needed, if not the ideal temp is 78 degrees. So if you put seeds directly in soil with out floating we recommend using a thermostat at 78 degrees.
  2. Dump water out using a fine mesh strainer to catch the seeds.
  3. If the seeds are showing white where the shell has cracked you can go straight to soil otherwise you may want to go to a wet paper towel in a Tupperware on a heating mat for another 24 hours. Use tweezers to transfer seeds to soil or paper towel. Avoid handling by hand.
    1. Paper towel Method:
      1. You want it damp not wet, so get it wet then ring it out, lay flat in Tupper ware so the seeds have towel above and below them.
      2. If the seeds have not popped to show white after 36 hours you can gently try to crack the shell of the seed using a pair of tweezers then place back in the damp towel.
    2. Soil Method:
      1. Place seed about 1/4in below soil, cover lightly. Use damp soil, moisten prior to planting by mixing, squeeze the soil in your hand where just a drop to little moisture comes out through your knuckles. Either use a dome till the seed breaks the soil or maintain damp soil moisture. Using a spray bottle works very well to deliver just a little bit of water or use a towel and squeeze drops out of it to control the amount going on to the soil. If using a dome remove once seeds break the soil.
    3. 24 hours light, any cheap led shop light works
    4. Download a free light meter app on your phone; 1k lux is ideal for seed germination. To harden off move to 5k to 10k lux for a few days, shaded area outside normally works or if you have a grow light use the light meter app to adjust the height from the plant to achieve 5K lux the first day then move it closer to 7 or 8k lux on day 2 then 10k lux day 3, keep plants at 18 hours of light to maintain vegetative growth.
    5. Recommended 24 hours light for at least the first 2 weeks then you can harden off to go outside or move to permanent grow area.




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