I’ll go over the process I used then add in recommended changes to better the process. I’m sure there are many ways to go about this and I’m not a professional in this regard. This is for fun, family and health. I’m just sharing my process and experiments in the hopes it may help you or your family in any way.


Original process:

– recipe: 36 oz of usda organic fractionated coconut oil, 230 grams of my homegrown hemp bio mass. I used volcanotips potency calculator for edibles to come up with my recipe to a degree. I assumed my bio mass was 11.6% from a previous test and my goal was to achieve 1500 mg per ounce of coco oil. Quickly I realized volume to volume this was not possible. I would need to use 550 grams to 1000ml of oil. Most extractions recipes use 112 grams to 1000ml of solvent. I was able to almost double my material but still had to add a bit of oil to achieve the measurements listed.   You can see by the lab results that I would have achieved a total 768mg per ounce if I would have fully decarb’ my oil.

– Ground hemp in bullet, not powder but ground, light and fluffy was the goal.

– Combine coconut oil with ground hemp.

– Heat on the stove for 30 minutes once it starts to simmer, low heat, stirring frequently.

– Strain (I used a vacuum pump attached to a funnel flask with sterile filter paper for botanical with a brown coffee filter on top, I did two passes though the filter)

– decarb on the magnetic hot plate stirrer at 230 degrees for 1 hour.

– Store in sterilized Mason jar

– my final yield after 2 filter passes was 600 ml of oil, I’m sure I could press this some way to extract more but over all the vacuum pump did an exceptional job of taking most the oil out. I bagged the scrap material and let it sit over night to see if any oil pooled to the bottom and it did not. Material was slightly damp but not wet or moist.


Lessons Learned:

  • I think it would be better to decarb in the over at 210 to 230 prior to the extraction. I think this can vary depending on your stove, etc. You can see on my lab results that I did not fully decab all the way. The reason I have a very high CBD-a ratio is because I did not turn it all in to CBD, basically I turned half into CBD and half stayed CBD-a. This is why the max active CBD (2.56%) is different from the CBD (1.2%). These numbers would be the same if fully decarb’
  • I’ve been told and read you could add lecithin to help bound the cannabinoids with the oil.   Organic sunflower lecithin can be easily obtained for 25 per pound but from seeing the test results I’m not sure it would make a big difference considering what I mentioned in the recipe tab above.

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