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Premium CBD Products and High Quality Seeds, grown on hugelkulture mounds with all nature inputs from the land.

Welcome to Jolly Pond Farm

We are a family-run farm in southern Virginia just east of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We use natural farming practices that go beyond organic methods and we strive for a closed-loop regenerative agriculture system utilizing what is available on our property and foraged from local surrounding areas to benefit the soil and plants we grow.

Self reliance is our game…  

 We are focused on creating hugelkultur mounds where we work our way into low to no disturbance planting areas as we turn red bricks into black sand. 

Our goal is to keep it simple. 

We are recreating the lay of the land with swales, surrounded by raised growing plots as we convert to drought resistant dry farming systems.

We’re focused on creating a positive impact on our land using sustainable practices with respect for nature.

We are focused on feeding the land and our plants with what is available in abundance around us.  Over the years we have started to build hugelkultur mounds.  We move from one farming style to another utilizing techniques from all ideologies to achieve a diverse polyculture environment throughout the land.  We use big implements on the tractor and work our way into little to no disturbance areas as we mold clay into sand.  We don’t practice any one ideology yet we take from them all creating our own system that works for us and our situations attempting to go beyond organic standards.  

Inputs and Growing Systems

The main part of our farm is one-acre fenced in made completely of cedar and black locust post that were harvested on site.

Inside the fence we have multiple greenhouses for year round food production. Our field has swales, flower hedges, grapes, blackberry’s plus multiple pollinator gardens (annual and perennial).  Outside the fence we plant large acre plots of sunflowers and corn to feed goose squad and the wild life.  We also have a sawmill and lumber yard.  All our buildings are created from the land using our prime pine and eastern red cedar.

Take a tour of the farm with Owner Micha Duda

Our poly culture system is mapped out to bring in a diverse spice of life to avoid the use of chemical pesticides.

The beneficial habit with-in our field is teaming with a vast variety of insects, bees, butterflies, birds, frogs and beyond.

addition’s from the

Jolly Pond Kitchen

Since 2020 our focus to grow and preserve food has elevated us to stacking 2500 jars of canned goods on our shelves and putting back 60 cu ft of frozen food.   After years of work our new canning kitchen will be opening for the 2024 season.  We milled and built this kitchen from the land.  Eventually this will be fully off grid allowing us to preserve the harvest no matter what and provide us with an abundance of stored food for years.

The first time i tried it, within 3 minutes it took the pain away, took the pressure out of my wrist, and it's kind of amazing!

Megan ShannonKienbock's Disease Patient

I was tired of popping all these pills, put the cream on first time didn't even realize it my pain was gone in 15 minutes

David ScalleyStage 4 Melanoma Patient; RIP June 26, 2020


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