1600mg Wild Flower & Hemp Salve


High Strength

Full Spectrum CBD Salve

1600 mg CBD

Net WT. 2oz / 56grams

Thrid party test results for:  Intro Page   |  Pesticides & Mycotoxin  | Heavy Metals, Microbiological Impurity, Residual Solvents

COA batch # (data is show in milligrams per gram, to understand the total bottle potency per canabininoid you can multiply by 56 grams which is the total volume of the salve bottle.  Example on batch 080920ES16 reads 31.9mg of CBD per gram; 31.9mg X 56g (total bottle weight) = 1786 total mg per bottle.






Specially formulated High strength Salve containing 1600mg of CBD, no CBDa unlike our other salve.

Made with top shelf sustainably sourced shea butter and bee wax.  Not oily; melts into your skin for quick relief.   Not only does this powerful salve include vast benefits from the hemp we grew but also the diverse variety of wildflowers and herbs grown beside it.  Includes our own olive oil infusion made with seasonal herbs such as lemon balm, chamomile, peppermint, lavender, yarrow, and turmeric.

Ingredients:  bees wax, shea butter, full spectrum ethanol hemp extract, coconut oil, vitamin e oil, infused olive oil herb infusion containing our own home grown seasonal herbs listed on each bottle.


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