1200mg Solventless Hemp Rosin Salve


Salve 1200 mg

1 to 1 | CBD to CBDA | 600mg each

Net weight 2 oz / 56 gram

Scent: Natural (earthy hemp essence)

Features Solventless Hemp Rosin


This is a 1:1 CBDa:CBD salve.

Check out our detailed video on Instagram showing the process.

Featuring two extractions using solventless pure pressure to push out the cannabinoids. First extraction process yields high in raw natural CBDA. This is a raw plant material extraction using dry sift, the material is pressed at a low temperature.  This process saves the natural terpenes and flavonoids from degradation. Then we have the decarboxylation process that yields high CBD which is pressed at higher temperatures. The rosin is heated on a hotplate at 240F for a certain amount of time to convert the CBDA to CBD.  Decarboxylation results in a loss of terpenes and is the most common practices in creating CBD. We use both extracts without winterizing or any further isolation to keep the purest original form of the hemp. This is the true whole plant entourage effect; lipids, waxes, terpenes and all cannabinoids. We specially formulate each extraction together to form the 1:1 ratio of CBDA to CBD. Along with this first CBDA fraction come natural terpenes that play a vital roll in synergistic effect, permeability and interaction with CB1 receptors.

This is small batch crafted and tested.  Each batch is 3rd party tested, custom labeled to match with a COA # on each bottle that corresponds to the current Certificate of Analysis.

Made with extremely high quality organic shea butter and organic bees wax.  Not oily; melts into your skin for quick relief.  Not only does this powerful salve include vast benefits from the hemp we grew but also the diverse variety of wildflowers and herbs grown beside it.  These wild flowers and herbs have been infused with organic olive oil to make this uniquely crafted salve blend.

Ingredients:  solventless hemp rosin, bees wax, shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin e oil, infused olive oil herb extract containing yarrow, lemon balm, chamomile, lavender.

Certificate of Analysis

COA Batch # (listed on jar):




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